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How to Become a Country Singer

Become a Country Singer
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The country music industry is a major part of American culture and history. Many have followed their dream to become country singers and found themselves country superstars and household names. You can pursue your own dream to become a country singer by increasing your singing skills by taking singing lessons, create a band to start performing locally and hiring a manager to market your skills and get your "foot in the door" of the country music industry.

Study your favorite country singers and performers. Learn about the country music industry and what singing styles are popular. Decide what your style will be based on your talent, interests and goals. Many singers try to stick to the old-fashioned roots of country music with bluegrass, blues and waltz-type tunes, while other performers are successful with a more modern pop style.

Sign up for singing lessons with a local vocal coach in your community. Improving your voice should be a priority. You will learn how to recognize pitch and tune, increase your vocal strength and prevent overworking your vocal cords.

Consider taking guitar or keyboard lessons. Many country singers are also talented musicians and are considered more marketable within the country music industry. Learning to play an instrument will also be valuable if you are interested in writing your own lyrics and songs.

Research local colleges and universities in your area to see if they offer courses and degrees in music and the music industry. Some colleges and universities offer degree programs in the music industry and provide training for perfecting your talents and getting recognized.

Begin forming a band by placing an audition announcement in the classifieds of your local newspaper or by using Internet websites such as Myspace, Facebook or Craigslist (see Resources below). Clearly state your criteria for band members such as years of experience or specific venue experience.

Search for local talent by holding auditions for band members. Remember to keep in mind your goals for becoming a country singer and how each individual would play a role in that goal. A band member who is primarily interested in grunge rock or contemporary pop may not mesh with the style and overall goals of your band.

Practice with your band as much as possible to create a sense of unity and learn how to successfully present your music to the public.

Hire a manager to deal with the nitty-gritty aspects of becoming a country singer, such as dealing with venue owners, creating a gig schedule and the best way to market yourself to the public. Many managers have inside connections with specific venues as well as recording studios.

Research local venues by visiting the places at which you would like to perform. Spend time checking out the atmosphere, the type of people who patronize the venue and the stage and musical equipment available. Make note of the places at which you are not interested in performing and that do not meet your standards for atmosphere, fans and equipment.

Remember to keep your performance schedule full by accepting acoustic gigs as well. Coffee houses, wine and cigar bars and vineyards feature musicians on weekends and special occasions. Many smaller bars will also offer acoustic shows during the week for established artists.

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