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How to Beat the Great Tiger in "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out"

"Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" is a single-player boxing game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, although it has also been re-released as "Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream" for the Wii Virtual Console. In both versions of the game, players take on the role of Little Mac as he competes for the title against boxers from around the world. Great Tiger is a boxer from India that Mac must defeat as part of the Major Circuit. But Great Tiger's also a magician who uses deceptive tricks to keep you from an easy victory.

Jab Great Tiger in the gut when his guard is down, and dodge when he starts throwing his attacks. The jewel on his head will blink right before he is about to make his move, so watch closely and dodge at the right moment.

Block Great Tiger's jab to lose a heart, but gain the opportunity to catch him off guard. You will be able to punch him in the face up to five times after a successful block.

Punch Great Tiger until he goes down to the mat the first time. This will cause him to change his style of fighting and start throwing uppercuts.

Dodge Great Tiger's uppercuts and follow up immediately with a punch to the gut. This will gain you a star each time, which allows you to throw uppercuts.

Dodge his normal punches, and follow up with three hits to the face. After the end of the three-hit combo, press the uppercut button to deliver a powerful blow to the face. Continue to use these strategies to survive until 2:30 into the round, when Great Tiger begins using his special punch.

Block Great Tiger's special punch five times in a row to make him dizzy. During his special punch, Great Tiger teleports around the ring and punches you multiple times. However, his punches have a distinct rhythm, so press the block button right before he punches to block his attacks. After five blocks, he will stop his attack altogether and stand dizzy in the middle of the ring.

Punch Great Tiger in the face when he is dizzy for a K.O.

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