How to be Funny Like Dave Chappelle

Few comedians are as funny as Dave Chappelle. From his takes on everything from children's cartoons to the Ku Klux Klan, Dave Chappelle is not only hysterically funny, his comedy is also intelligent. Being funny like Dave Chappelle is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished with practice and the ability to be daring.

Concentrate on controversial subjects, such as racism, sexism and politics. Dave Chappelle's television show focuses on several topics that are at best controversial, such as what would happen if George W. Bush were black and how inner-city pimps would react to a 19th-century slave owner. Joke about touchy subjects such as the Iraq War, whether the President is doing a good job and what races get pulled over the most by police.

Strive to be intelligent while also being funny. While Dave Chappelle's comedy covers controversial subjects, he differs from a lot of comedians because he addresses the subjects intelligently. In his sketch where a blind African American became a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, for instance, he used a lot of irony and drove home the point of just how superficial race really is, devices that an aspiring comedian should add to her arsenal.

Don't underestimate the audience. One of the reason's Dave Chappelle is so funny is because he talks to his audience as though they were intelligent people and makes sure his comedy is correspondingly thoughtful. When telling jokes, don't just take the easy way to be funny--talk about things like classical artists and various philosophers in addition to mentioning how stupid Denny's waitresses or DMV clerks are.

Take chances with comedy. Dave Chappelle has done at least one show he refers to as his "greatest misses," which are comedy sketches that took a lot of criticism or simply weren't funny. Take risks with the subject matter and don't let the fact that many people thought a joke or sketch wasn't funny discourage you from trying again.

Keep a sense of perspective about fame and don't let it affect how funny you are. Unlike many comedians, Dave Chappelle lives in the Midwest outside of a small city instead of living among the stars in Hollywood or Las Vegas. Follow his example and make sure that you don't get complacent enough that you stop trying to be original, which is the kiss of death for comedians.


Being like Dave Chappelle, or any other professional comedian, is not an easy task. Good comedy is a blend of originality, timing and a healthy dose of eccentricity and what seems funny to one person may not be funny to another. Dave Chappelle is also not a "safe" type of comedian, unlike Tim Allen and Bob Saget and being funny like Dave Chappelle may offend people.

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