How to Be a Seat Filler for the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards annual ceremony is a gala event that attracts the world's top celebrities. In the event that some people do not attend or others have to leave their seat during the ceremony, the Academy employs seat fillers so the auditorium appears full. Although most seat fillers at the Academy Awards are ABC employees or Academy members, there is still room for people like you. If you work your way up as a seat filler, attending smaller events first, you may be able to make it to the Academy Awards.

Join a seat filler program or organization for potential opportunities to be a seat filler. Getting the hang of the seat filler role and attending smaller scale events builds your reputation and confidence. Seat Filler and the Dynamic People Club are two popular seat filler groups.

Develop a formal attire wardrobe. Even though you're a seat filler, you still need to look your best. For men, a high-end tuxedo, nice haircut and shiny shoes are a must. For women, a formal gown or designer cocktail dress may work, depending on the occasion. As a seat filler, you have to blend in with a crowd of the best-dressed people in the world.

Build your seat filling history and credentials by attending other awards ceremonies and televised events that use seat fillers. After you've established yourself as an experienced seat filler, opportunities may open up.


Check with exclusive groups like VIP Concierge to see if you can buy seats to the Academy Awards. While this may cost a lot of money, it is a chance to mingle with the stars.


Seat fillers are not allowed to take photos, ask for autographs or speak to celebrities unless spoken to first.

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