How to Adhere Vampire Fangs to Teeth

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For Halloween or maybe just because, role playing as a vampire can be a lot of fun. With movies like "Twilight" glamorizing the fictional blood-suckers, many people are jumping on the vampire bandwagon, and novelty shops are beginning to sell vampire fang kits. To not waste any of the kit and to ensure a comfortable fit, it is best to know how to go about applying them to your teeth before attempting it.

Brush your teeth. The fangs will stick best if you don’t have food and drink residue on your teeth.

Open the vampire fang kit and remove the fangs and molding kit. Follow the instructions for the molding kit. Each brand will be different, but typically the kit includes power and a liquid you have to mix to make the molding.

Put a large amount of the molding on the back and inside of the fang with a Q-Tip,, filling the fang. Press the fang into your upper canine tooth. Do not wriggle the fang; simply press it straight into your tooth.

Remove the fang and let it set for five minutes. This lets the molding dry.

Place the fang back onto your tooth. The molding has set and it is custom fit for your tooth. It should now snap into place.


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