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How Do I Shut Off the Power in the Flooded Corridor in "Batman: Arkham Asylum"?

The asylum isn't new to crazy happenings, but now Batman can't get through a flooded part of the building in "Batman: Arkham Asylum." Don't let that make you bats, though; you can turn on a generator and use a ventilation shaft to drain the water from the area.

Enter the Flooded Corridor via the Botanical Gardens. You'll face a group of enemies and brickbat from the Joker shortly before you arrive at the correct door. Upon entering, a cutscene begins.

Exit the corridor when you regain control of Batman; there's no sense in trying to chase after your fleeing opponent with your path completely blocked.

Jump down over the rail immediately ahead, entering the Statue Corridor just up ahead. You can find a set of teeth and the solution to a personal riddle within this hallway.

Enter the Glasshouse Generator Room at the end of the straightforward corridor. Inside, you'll hear the pleas of a bound man surrounded by another group of threatening thugs.

Defeat the enemies using your available skills. Some of the enemies have weapons, so you'll want to focus on countering them. Other than the armed thugs, there's nothing out of the ordinary about this fight. When the group is down, free the tied man to initiate a cutscene.

Hack the control panel nearby to shut off the generator. Joker messed with the settings, so you can't just walk up to it and shut off its power; you'll have to tune the frequency three times. Just like the previous hacks you've made, you'll know the frequency is correct when the device's display turns green.

Return to the Flooded Corridor to find the water no longer has sparks of electricity coming from it.


Once the Flooded Corridor is safe, you can scan and locate five Riddler trophies. Two of these unlock the biographies of the Ratcatcher and Humpty Dumpty.

The Flooded Corridor also features 20 chattering teeth scattered throughout; none of these are hidden far out of sight.


  • Don't touch the water before shutting off the power; this will kill Batman. Avoid fighting aggressively when there are armed thugs; these enemies are more skillful than their barehanded counterparts, and they aren't afraid to interrupt Batman with a solid swing.
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