How do I Hang Pictures on Office Walls?

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Cleat wall hangers
  • Level
  • Wall anchors
  • Screw driver
  • Security mounts

Office environments are important. The front entryways, offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms or areas where clients as well as employees gather are the first experience of the client. If the rooms are spacious, well planned, with comfortable furniture, good lighting and small amenities, the client will feel welcomed and invited to sit down and relax. An essential part of this environment is artwork, photographs and pictures. Art should be positioned at eye level and it should be appropriate to the image of the business.

Select business appropriate pictures and artwork. Larger pictures will tend to make an office look spacious and less cluttered. Choose pictures in the same color palette as the flooring, wall covering and furniture. Select soothing themes over very aggressive pictures.

Position art opposite an entry door if there is a blank wall. Elevate the center of the picture to 52-inches off the floor. Mount a cleat-style picture hanger to the wall using wall anchors, screws and a level. Mount the other part of the cleat to the back of the picture. This creates a stable and flat hanging picture that looks professional.

Group related pictures in a cluster that is evenly spaced. Center the group in the available wall space. Measure the 52-inch optimum visual height and center the collection horizontally so that half of the group area is above and below the mark.

Place inspirational pictures evenly spaced along corridors. This type of picture offers encouraging words and tranquil images that convey a positive message to employees and clients alike. Use consistent framing and sizes to create good flow along these passage areas.

Hang a single larger picture or photograph in customer bathroom areas. Use a frame with glass so that the picture can be easily cleaned. Position the picture across from the mirror in order to reflect the image gaining more visual value. Mount the picture securely using security mounts. This will prevent the picture from being accidentally knocked loose.


  • Always check that your pictures are level. Small hook and loop buttons can be placed behind the lower corners in areas where pictures are likely to shift. This will keep the pictures in position for the best appearance.


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