How do I Download Movies & Songs for Free?

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Downloading movies and songs off the Internet is an easy thing to do, yet it is a bit of a gray area legally. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) states that it is illegal to download a copy of any digital material that is copyrighted for free. However, there are many online programs that allow users to download free music, which either the artist has allowed to be downloaded for free, or else the copyright had expired on the material.

Download Free Movies and Songs using Online Download Media Sites

Type "Free movies and songs" into your search engine. Choose one of the sites that your search brings up; many of the sites will offer free downloads as well as ones to purchase.

Download or sign up to your chosen program. Set up your account by filling in your details and search through the collection of free movies and music downloads. Download your chosen movies and music by clicking on "Download" in your chosen program, underneath, or next to, your chosen file and the file will download to your computer.

Listen to and watch your downloaded media files on your computer or import them to your MP3 player. Music and films can also be burned to CD or DVD by using a program with disc burning capabilities such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Download Free Movies and Music Using Social Networking Sites

Sign up and create an account in MySpace, or Facebook, or any other social networking site that allows artists to upload their work.

Search for the artist name, or song/movie title, in your chosen social networking site's search bar. Look for a media player on its page. If it has one loaded onto its page, then search for the particular songs, or films, that you want.

Click "Download" on the media player next to the song, or film, you wish to download to your computer. Listen, or watch, your downloads on your computer or import them to an MP3 player.


  • Start watching your films or listening to your music as soon as you purchase them, even while they are downloading, by clicking on the file and watching, or listening, on your computer.

    If you plan to listen to music or watch films on your computer it is best to use computer speakers, or connect your computer to a stereo, for superior sound quality.


  • Do not download any media files that are still copyrighted for free, doing so will mean that you will be committing copyright infringement.


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