How Do I Create a Three-Dimensional Poster?

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Things You'll Need

  • Poster board, cardboard or card stock
  • Pushpins
  • Glue, regular and hot
  • Project-related items
  • Card stock gift boxes
  • Utility knife

Two-dimensional posters are everywhere. They are the most common kind of poster. Yet, regardless of how well laid out a two-dimensional poster is, it still lacks the depth and even the tactile connection that three dimensional posters can possess. There are a few way to go about bringing a third dimension to your poster, from adding found objects to make light box-style cutouts or create a fake bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Poster

Glue on any papers or information that you want to include on your poster with regular glue to a cardboard poster. Leave a few corners and edges unglued to mimic a bulletin board.

Press pushpins into the cardboard poster so that they appear to be holding the papers in place.

Hot-glue and pin on 3-D items to your poster board, enriching your display. For example, if you are making a poster about fishing, pin on fishing net. For a poster about Renaissance clothing, hot glue on samples of fabric that mimic the time period and stick a pin through them to maintain the bulletin board look.

Light Box-style Shelves

Trace the "footprint" of your card stock gift box in pencil on a poster board.

Cut out the traced rectangular shape on your poster board with a utility knife, creating a hole.

Lay the opening of the gift box flush against the poster board. Glue the flaps to the poster board around the hole to secure it.

Place items on your poster shelf.


  • The light box-style poster shelves can be placed on front instead, if desired. Simply glue the box to the front of the board with the opening facing out.


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