How Can You Access PPV on Comcast?

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Things You'll Need

  • Comcast digital cable box
  • Subscription to a Comcast Digital cable package
  • Television

Comcast offers PPV programming (pay-per-view) as well as free movies and shows through their video-on-demand service (VOD). Comcast customers must have a digital cable box issued by the company to access both the free VOD programming and premium pay-per-view choices. Comcast offers several high-definition show episodes, movies and sports events for customers who have an HD-capable cable box. Customers who do not have a digital cable box will not be able to access Comcast VOD services.

Turn on the television and cable box. Basic digital cable subscribers with the Motorola DCT700 can power the cable box using only the supplied remote control.

Press the “ON DEMAND” button on the remote control and wait for the onscreen menu to appear on the television. Scroll through the menu options using the arrow buttons on the remote.

Enter a highlighted subcategory of choice by pressing the “OK/Select” button on the Comcast remote. Use the “Last” button to navigate back to the subsequent VOD menu choices.

Highlight the desired programming choice and press the “OK/Select” button on the remote control. An information page will be displayed on the television giving the user all the pertinent information about the program, including the run time and cost.

Use the arrow navigation buttons to highlight “Buy” and then press the “OK/Select” button to purchase the programming selection. The programming will then be displayed on the television, and the user can pause, fast forward, rewind or stop the selection at any time.


  • Use the parental control options located in the main menu of the digital cable box to restrict access to certain programming.