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How to Adjust a Twist Cross Ballpoint Pen

Cross makes several versions of the classic ball point pen.
John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

With a little practice, you can adjust your Twist Cross Ball Point pen with one hand, although it is more easily accomplished with two. Founded in Rhode Island, where it is still based today, the Cross company is a staple of business professionals and has a wide range of prices and writing instruments. Twist Cross ballpoint pen users benefit from its ease of use, limited lifetime warranty and sleek, professional design that compliments both men and women in the corporate world.

Adjusting your twist Cross ball point pen.

Hold your Twist ballpoint pen in the hand with which you write. Using the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, grasp the tip of the pen and twist gently.

As the tip of the ballpoint emerges from the pen case, slow your action. Be careful not to overtwist, as this will cause excessive wear and tear to your pen.

Retract the ballpoint tip by first holding the pen gently with your writing hand, then twist the tip in the reverse direction until you feel resistance and stop; the ballpoint writing tip should be fully retracted when you begin to feel resistance.

To adjust your pen with one hand, simply hold the pen across your palm; allow the pen to be cradled in your upturned palm. Twist the ballpoint into position by turning the tip in either direction with your thumb and forefinger.

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