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How to Open a Safe With a Lost Combination

Combination Safe
safe image by Hao Wang from Fotolia.com

If you fail to write down the combination to a safe or if you lose the paper on which you jotted it down, you find yourself in a situation in which you need to open the safe even though you do not have the combination. You are not alone. This phenomenon happens so frequently that safe manufacturers manufacture safes with built-in methods of opening the devices without the combination, and they usually give the safe owner an emergency key. Once you have the safe open, you may once again access your valuables.

Remove the battery panel of your electronic-combination panel. Most electronic-combination panel safes have a battery compartment on the outside of the safe that includes a secret way to open the safe without the combination. Grab hold of the combination panel and slide it off the safe.

Take the batteries out of the safe. Many electronic safes contain AA or AAA batteries that power the combination panel.

Locate the emergency key hole underneath the batteries on the safe. This is where many safe manufactures hide the spot where you can free your valuables from confinement.

Place your emergency safe key in the key hole. Turn the key slightly until you can't turn it any farther.

Pull the handle and open your safe.

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