Homemade Receiving Blankets

Emma Innocenti/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • Organic cotton jersey fabric, 1 yard
  • Natural laundry detergent
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Straight pins
  • Seam gauge

Newborn infants need to be wrapped in receiving blankets so they do not lose too much heat and become chilled. Although you can purchase newborn receiving blankets from many major retailers, discount or baby product stores, these blankets often contain chemical residue from the manufacturing process, which can irritate the skin. One solution is to make your own receiving blanket from organic fabrics that won't irritate a new baby's soft and delicate skin.

Wash and dry organic cotton jersey fabric in a washing machine using natural detergent. You can buy organic fabric at a fabric supply store, or through an online merchant. You can purchase natural laundry detergent from a natural foods store.

Cut the organic cotton jersey fabric to measure 36 inches by 48 inches.

Lay the fabric rectangle onto a flat surface.

Place a seam gauge against the edges of the rectangle, and fold the edges over to ¼-inch. Press. Fold the edges over a second time to ¼-inch and press.

Pin the edges into place with straight pins.

Sew along the entire perimeter of the rectangle using small stitches.

Remove the pins and trim off excess thread with scissors.