Homemade Plinko Board

Make a Homemade Plinko Game
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Come on down and make your very own Plinko board. Plinko is a game made famous by the game show “The Price is Right.” You drop chips or balls down a board of pegs until they reach a slot on the bottom. Each slot has a different point value. You can adapt this game to use in classrooms, at a community carnival or as a game for birthdays and block parties.

Apply wood glue to the back of your pegboard and attach it onto your wood sheet. Line up the pegboard with the wood so that 6 inches of wood is exposed on the bottom of the pegboard.

Rotate the board so that is is taller than it is wide. Place a 2-inch-long dowel into the hole on the top left of the pegboard. Place additional dowels across the top row of the board, one in every other hole.

Insert dowels into the holes of the second row on the board. Skip the first hole and insert a dowel into the second. Continue across the board skipping every other hole.

Fill the remainder of the pegboard with dowels, staggering them across each row. Stop when you are six holes from the bottom of the pegboard.

Insert six dowels into the final six holes on the far-left column on the board. Add the six dowels into the remaining columns, skipping every other column until you reach the end. Insert a dowel rod into every bottom hole of the pegboard.

Place rubber bands stretching around each column of six dowels at the bottom of the pegboard. Stretch rubber bands along the bottom row of dowels. These rubber bands will act as a stopper for ping pong balls or poker chips dropped into the Plinko board.

Paint a vertical line on the wood sheet beneath each column of dowels on the bottom of the pegboard. Extend the line to the end of the wood sheet.

Paint a value in each painted box on the wood sheet. For example, set values at 100, 200 and 300 points. Include zero value spaces as well.

Stand the Plinko board against a wall so that the bottom slightly angles outward. This will allow dropped items to fall through to the bottom.

Things You'll Need

  • Pegboard, 3 feet by 4 feet
  • Wood sheet, 3 feet (L) by 6 inches (W) by 4 feet (H)
  • Wood glue
  • 200 dowels, 2 inches long
  • Rubber bands
  • Paint
  • Poker chips or ping pong balls


  • To customize the Plinko board, decorate the pegboard with paint before inserting dowels.

    Place a dab of wood glue onto the dowels before inserting them into the pegboard if they fall out during the Plinko game.