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Homemade Nylon Netting Projects

Create household scrubbers with nylon netting.
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Nylon netting is an inexpensive fabric popular for many home and craft projects. It is sturdy fabric, similar to tulle, but with larger holes. Since the edges of the fabric will not fray, they do not require hemming. Use nylon netting to make decorative home and personal items or to give as gifts.

Seasonal Wreaths

Change your décor to match the season with wreaths made from netting in a variety of colors. Choose pastels for spring and summer, utilizing one color or a combination of colors. Use fall leaf colors for autumn wreaths, and either blue and white or holiday red and green for winter. Use a wire wreath frame for the base. Cut strips of nylon netting 3 by 7 inches. Layer five strips together and fold in half lengthwise. Tie the folded strips to the wire frame, covering completely and pushing them close together to fill the frame. Fluff the ends of each tied strip to make a full wreath and add embellishments, if desired.


Add fragrant sachets to your dresser drawers or hang in your closet or powder room. For a simple sachet, cut three 6-inch squares of nylon netting. Place dry potpourri mix in the center and bunch up the sides of the netting. Tie with a ribbon or twist closed with a wire. Tie or twist the other end of the ribbon or wire to hang the sachet. Alternatively, cut four hearts from nylon netting, place the potpourri mix in the center, layer three more hearts on top and hand stitch the edges closed. You need the layers to close up the spacing in the holes so the ingredients do not fall out. Stitch or pin a ribbon to the top to hang.

Herbal Bath Pouches

Enjoy a spa-like retreat in your bath, or give these pouches as gifts. Make nylon net pouches, and fill with a blend of oats, dried mint or lavender and grated bar soap. Make a bag by cutting four layers of nylon netting into 6-inch squares. Stitch three sides to create a bag. Turn the stitch edges to the inside and fill the bag with your herbal soap mixture. Stitch the top of the bag closed. Tie a ribbon around the top of the bag, pulling it tight to gather the edge.


Make long-lasting, sturdy scrubbers for cleaning kitchen dishes and pots, or use them as a body sponge. Cut four 6-inch pieces, the full width of the fabric, which is generally 72 inches wide. Stack them together and run a row of long, loose, basting stitches down the long length. Gather the thread, pulling tightly. Wrap this thread around the line of stitches to secure. The 72 inches, when gathered, will create a ball puff. Fluff out the edges of the netting to make a ball.

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