Homemade Jungle Themed Costumes

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If you’re putting together a costume for Halloween or a costume party, consider a jungle themed outfit that’s unusual enough to impress your friends. There are many themes from the jungle to draw on, from barbaric jungle men to living trees, and making your own costume will save costs over purchasing one pre-made from a costume shop.

Jungle Man

A homemade costume of a jungle man needs little time or materials to make. You can fashion a loincloth out of a few yards of leopard print material. If you don’t want to go bare chested, pair the loin cloth with a black T-shirt and finish with a pair of sandals. This works well for a couple’s costume, as the girl can make a toga-style dress from the fabric to match.

Mother Earth

You can make a Mother Earth costume drawing on the different aspects of a jungle. Wear a pair of plain pants and a shirt and glue various items to the outfit, such as fake leaves and vines, a stuffed monkey and bird, blue paper cut in the shape of raindrops, etc. You can even glue leaves to the sides of a pair of sunglasses and wear these to finish off the look.

Ape Man

You can go as a giant, wild ape from the jungle. Paint your face brown with face paint and draw in a black nose with some eyeliner. Wear all brown and glue pieces of fuzzy brown fabric to your outfit. You can also glue the fuzzy fabric to a pair of gloves so that you have the appropriate ape-like hands.

Living Tree

Go as a living tree from the jungle with a little face paint and some fake nature pieces. Paint your face green or brown and glue fake leaves to a hat, so that it looks like the leaves are sprouting from your head. Wear all brown or green and glue fake vines, leaves and branches all over the clothes.