Homemade Ideas to Sell at Craft Shows

A colorful array of creative goods will attract lots of customers.
fez market stall image by Deborah Benbrook from Fotolia.com

Making your own crafts gives you a fun way to earn extra income while doing something you love. It also lets you have the freedom to run your own business. If your idea takes off, you might consider becoming a full-time craftsperson and business owner. Create crafts that appeal to your target market, adapting them as need be or as you feel inspired.


Create jack-o-lanterns with creative faces or other designs. Many people like to display jack-o-lanterns at Halloween, but don’t have the time or skill to create elaborate ones. Make them from wood for an attractive alternative that still has the quaint homemade look people love.

Aromatherapy Products

Create wonderful smelling aromatherapy products like candles and soaps meant to relieve tension, boost energy or lift spirits. Label them well, with pictures and colors that match their purpose -- an orange color and a citrus scent for energy boosting, for instance.


Skilled ceramics artists can mass-produce work quickly or spend more time creating truly original artistic pieces. You could churn out sets of bowls and dishes and apply a decorative glaze, so people can use them for decorative and practical purposes. When you’re feeling more creative, you might spend time on irregular forms that sell at higher prices.

Wooden Toys

Try creating wooden toys as a beautiful and collectible alternative to the plastic ones dominating the market. As Ken Oberrecht says in “How to Start a Home-Based Craft Business,” you could also create jigsaw puzzles and wooden games. Dollhouses with corresponding furniture and dolls are another option. By creating objects that go together or come in a series, you encourage people to purchase more.

Glass Working

Glass products often have an upscale look that attracts many buyers. Glassblowing and stained glass work are two options that allow you to create progressively more challenging projects from suncatchers to large vases and sculptures. Keep brochures on hand too, advertizing custom work you can create.

Knitted Goods

If you love to knit, crochet or macrame, create sweaters, scarves, hats and other accessories with quality yarn. Baby afghans and other decorative throws or wall hangings let you create a variety of attractive pieces without spending a lot of time -- and yarn -- on each one. Try creating stuffed animals and dolls to attract more customers, too.