Homemade Gifts and Crafts for Adults

Painted Flower Pot

It has been said that there is a book inside of every person, just waiting to be written. There is also a craft for every person, just waiting to be created. Even if you don't think of yourself as crafty or artistic, these clay pot craft projects can be produced by almost anyone. The question is, will you keep the crafts you make for yourself or give them as gifts?

Clay Pot Planters

You can enhance a plain terra-cotta flower pot or make something completely different with it. Use it as a flower pot, but enhance it with a coat of paint. If you're artistic, paint flowers or other designs with acrylics found at a craft store. If you aren't so talented in this area, mark off striped sections with masking tape and choose a couple (or several) different colors to paint. Spay a clear polyurethane sealer, inside and out, when the pot is dry. Finish it by potting a houseplant, blooming patio flowers or an herb garden.

Collage the outside of a clay pot. Use photos, decorative papers, typed or handwritten phrases, rubber stamps, wall paper, fabric, wallpaper and drawings to glue to the outside of your pot. Use a decoupage medium, found at your local craft store, to glue the pieces on and then brush a heavy coat over the whole collage. Finish the project with a couple of coats of clear polyurethane sealer, inside and out. Make a small one of these for your desk to hold pens and pencils or for a picnic table to hold eating utensils and napkins.

Either of these projects, can be used as gift baskets. Fill the decorated clay pots with garden gloves, gardening hand tools, seeds and a gardening magazine.

Clay Pot Cookie Jar

Paint a clay pot and clay saucer to make a cookie jar. When purchasing your pot and saucer, make sure the saucer fits the rim of the pot. Paint the two pieces any way you like. If you aren't an artist, try using a stencil. Use heavy-duty craft glue to attach a wood ball or handle (found in craft or home improvement stores) to the top. Paint it an alternate color. Seal it with a polyurethane spray. Match it to your own kitchen colors or to the kitchen of the recipient of the gift. Fill it with homemade cookies, placed in a plastic bread bag that's tied with a ribbon.

Make the same cookie jar for your favorite pooch or a beloved dog of a friend. Stencil bones and dog paws all over it with an alternate color of paint. Fill the cookie jar with homemade dog treats.

Clay Pot Birdbath

Paint and seal three clay pots and a large saucer, as in the previous sections. You'll need three pots, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch. Only the rims will show on the two larger pots. Stack them face down with the largest pot on the bottom. Use heavy-duty craft glue to adhere the bottom of the saucer (should be at least 18 inches) to the stacked pots. Place it outside and fill it with water or seed. This is a perfect gift for a bird watcher (lover). Fill a ziplock bag with birdseed and tie it in the middle of the bag with a ribbon, plop it on top of the birdbath (feeder) and present it as a gift, unwrapped.