Homemade Fruit Baskets

corbeille de fruits 2 image by Marc CECCHETTI from Fotolia.com

Creating a homemade gift can allow you to express your creativity and thoughtfulness in a way that will be appreciated by the recipient. For instance, instead of buying a pre-packaged fruit basket, make your own basket, complete with a festive lining and exotic fruits, or opt for more common fruits and add some small surprises to delight the receiver.

Things You'll Need

  • Various Fruits
  • Ribbon
  • Fruit Preserves, Fruit Scented Soap, Fruit-Flavored Candy, Teas Or Juices
  • Colored Tissue Paper Or Printed Tea Towel
  • Basket Of Your Choice
  • Lining Material (Newspaper, Packing Paper)

Select a basket that is a size and shape of your liking. For an attractive presentation, you will need to fill the basket. Don't choose a basket that is too large or you will be faced with the task of adding more items than you originally thought.

Crumple up newspaper or packing paper and place it in the bottom of the basket for filler. Cover the paper with colorful or patterned tissue paper, or a festive tea towel to make a pretty background.

Place different types of fruits in the basket. You can opt for citrus fruits and apples or more exotic offerings such as pineapple, mango, kiwi or pomegranate.

Fill in the openings between the fruits with smaller items such as little jars of fruit preserves, small boxes of assorted fruit-flavored tea bags or a bottle of fruit juice or fruit-flavored tea. You can also add colorful fruit-flavored candies or a fruit scented candle.

Cover the handle of the basket with a wide ribbon and tie a simple or ornate bow to complete the creation.


  • Make a homemade fruit dip and place it in the basket. Since the dip will likely need refrigeration, you may not want to do this unless the person you are giving it to can place the dip in the refrigerator promptly. You can also include a fruit dip recipe if the actual dip is not a feasible option.

    Chocolate covered strawberries can be a delight as well. There are also fruit-flavored chocolates that can be included in the basket.