Homemade Cow Costume

Making a homemade cow costume for Halloween is relatively easy and inexpensive. This costume can be made for males and females and for adults and children.

Items Needed for Costume

Buy or find a white hooded sweatshirt and white sweatpants, pants or scrubs. In addition, purchase several sheets of white (for the cow's ears) and black (for the cow's spots) felt. If you are making this costume for an adult, you will need more of the black felt, as you will be making more black spots. If not, this can be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. You will also need one bag of fabric stuffing.

Creating the body

Making the cow spots will be the first task in creating this costume. Cut oval or kidney shapes out of the black felt. Envision a cow and use a white fabric pencil to create your spots. After creating your spots, cut them out and place them on the white hooded sweatshirt and white pants. Place the spots randomly on the outfit. There's no right or wrong way to make this costume. Use a glue gun to attach the black felt or sew on with white or black thread. Using white thread provides an outlined look.

Designing the Ears and Tail

For the ears, cut two ovals about the size of your hands from the white felt. Fold the pieces of felt in half, creating a crease in the ear. Attach by sewing or hot glue gun the ear pieces to the hood of the sweatshirt.

To create the tail, cut two long rectangles out of the white felt. Again, either stitch or glue them together. Stuff the fabric stuffing into the tail. Once the tail is stuffed, close the opening and attach to the seat of the pants.