Homemade Cotton Ball Flower Bouquet

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Making homemade cotton ball flower bouquets is a simple task that is similar to making candy or bubblegum bouquets. Use cotton ball flower bouquets as decor for your home, especially as a centerpiece or in the bathroom, or give them to bridesmaids and flower girls to carry as an alternative to fresh flower bouquets in a wedding.


Making cotton ball flower bouquets is similar to making candy or bubblegum bouquets, so you can loosely follow candy/bubblegum bouquet directions. According to Incredible Edible Crafts, making a bubble gum bouquet requires wrapped bubblegum, bamboo skewers, floral tape and scissors. To make a cotton ball flower bouquet, replace the wrapped bubblegum with cotton balls.

Make a Cotton Ball Flower

Begin making your bouquet by taking a cotton ball and stretching out one side. Twist the stretched portion of the cotton ball until the area is slender and about 1/2 inch long. Wrap a piece of floral tape around the twisted portion of the cotton until the slender portion is covered. Continue wrapping the tape around the top of one bamboo skewer. In a similar fashion, add two additional cotton ball pieces to the bamboo skewer, one on each side directly below the first cotton ball.

Complete the Bouquet

After you have completed your first cotton ball flower stem, repeat the process until you have 10 to 15 cotton ball flower skewers. Use your scissors to cut the bamboo skewers to different lengths. This will give your cotton ball flower bouquet more interest and dimension.

Place your bouquet in a decorative pot or tie the stems together with ribbon. If you choose to place your bouquet in a pot, cut floral foam to fit in your pot, wrap cellophane around the bottom portion of the floral foam, and place the entire piece in your pot. Stick each cotton ball flower skewer into the foam and enjoy your new decorative piece.


If you are planning to make cotton ball flower bouquets for a wedding, bundle each cotton ball skewer together and wrap the bottom of the stems together with floral tape. Add ribbon and cellophane around the center of the bouquet for added decoration.

If you wish to give your cotton ball flower bouquet more color or pizazz, add colored cellophane to each bamboo stem where the cotton ball pieces are attached. Wrap the base of the cellophane with floral tape to secure it and tie ribbon around the cellophane. This will make your cotton ball flower bouquet denser and may be a good idea if you want bouquets with more visual weight.