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Homemade Casino Games

Homemade casino games offer the feel of a casino without the low odds of winning.
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Although casino games are entertaining, the odds at most casinos are not in your favor. To strengthen your chances of winning, while still preserving the excitement of casino games, try playing them at home. By creating the necessary components of a few games, you can enjoy casino fun at social gatherings in your own home.


To create a craps casino game at home, you'll first need dice. To make the dice yourself, paint eight wooden cubes red and eight wooden cubes white. Once the paint is dry, use a black marker to draw in the dots. To make the craps table, find an image online that shows the entire table. Print that image and glue it to a large piece of cardboard. You can set the cardboard on any table. If you have a pool table, place the cardboard inside for a more authentic look. For the craps sticks, use a wooden back-scratcher or purchase a wooden cane.

Card Games

To play any casino card game, such as poker, blackjack or Texas hold-em, you will need a deck of cards. You can either buy a deck to use or you can make your own. To make cards, use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to design each card on a blank document measuring 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Use the same template to create the backs of the cards. For the back, you can either use a personal photo, a stock photo or design your own image. Print 52 of these on card stock paper, and then glue them to the face of each card.


To create a roulette wheel, find an image online of the wheel, print it, and then glue it to a large circle of cardboard. Cut a hole in the middle. Weave wire together to create grooves below each number. Use a silver salt shaker for the center, attaching the wheel to a Lazy-Susan turntable. Use a marble as the ball. Online, find and print images of the roulette table and gambling chips. Glue both to pieces of cardboard.


Purchase or make three dice. Find and print an image of the table, and then glue it to a large piece of cardboard. To make the tumbler, first cut two circles out of cardboard, each 6 inches in diameter. Cut two circles out of green felt to glue to the cardboard circles. Bend wire to form the shape of the tumbler. To do this, start out with 20 pieces of wire, each 2 feet long. Bend edges around the cardboard circles, one on each end. Wrap three 14-inch pieces of wire together to form one 14-inch piece. Wrap that piece around the entire tumbler to create an hourglass shape. To help visualize the shape of the tumbler before you bend the wire, visit the Dice Cage Sets website reference below.

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