Good Poses for a Beach Photo Shoot

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With a beach photo shoot, it is important to consider the person or people posing in the photos as well as the beach setting. The beach provides a natural, striking backdrop for photos. By making the most of the beach setting and making the people posing in the photos as relaxed as possible, you can achieve good results with a beach photo shoot. Natural poses with the subjects engaged in enjoyable activities are good for individual or group shots. It's also fine to arrange people in a photo, either standing or sitting.


a family walks on the beach
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It's natural to wear swimwear on the beach if you're comfortable with it. However, avoid overly revealing swimwear and provocative poses, unless you're a model posing for a professional photo shoot. T-shirts and shorts or even jeans can be comfortable and look fine for a beach photo shoot. For group shots, make sure no one is wearing an item that will overwhelm everything else in the photo.

Beach wear

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Khaki and white are classic color choices for beach wear; however, blues and greens are also good colors to reflect the colors of the water. The most important consideration is to wear colors that are flattering to the subjects. It's also a nice touch to have everyone in the picture wearing coordinating colors. For toddlers still in diapers, be sure that they are wearing opaque coverings over the diapers.


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Try not to be too fussy about having every detail perfect and every hair in place, especially with children. A natural appeal of the beach is the relaxed atmosphere. Even with photos for a special occasion, such as a wedding, the effects of gentle breezes blowing through the hair of the subjects often enhances the photos.


2 boys build a sand castle on the beach
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Use the backdrop of the beach to frame your photos. It's a natural to have shots of children making sand castles or teens and adults playing beach volleyball. A shot of someone partially buried in the sand can also add a sense of fun. The water and sand, cloud formations and other features such as cliffs or rocky shoreline can serve as a backdrop for beach photos, especially for individual poses.

Time of Day

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The time of day can also make a difference in getting good shots for beach photo shoots. The best times to schedule a beach photo shoot are early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The sun won't shine right into your subject's eyes and cause them to squint at the camera. The light in early morning and late afternoon is also illuminates objects and people in a more flattering light than the sun at midday.