"Get Well Soon" Art Projects for the Preschool Classroom

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Preschool children are able to comprehend illness in others and often want to contribute in some way toward the cheering of a sick or hurt individual. Allow your preschool students to express their concern and well wishes through several get-well crafts. From homemade cards to a beautiful vase full of personalized flowers, your students will develop empathy and concern for others when crafting a get-well project for others.

Bouquet of Sunshine

Sunflowers offer cheer to those feeling ill.
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Create a personalized get-well sunflower from the entire preschool class. Cover a paper towel cardboard tube with green construction paper for the sunflower stem. Each student must trace his open hand-print on yellow construction paper and carefully cut the hand-print out. Arrange and glue the hand-prints to a paper plate with fingers pointing outward. A brown construction paper circle should be glued for the centerpiece. Write the words "Get Well Soon" in white crayon on the flower's center. Optionally, have students write their names on their hand-prints with green crayon.

Get-Well Survival Kit

Ask your students to contribute to a get-well survival kit.
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Your preschool students can compile a cheerful get-well survival kit that will offer a smile to those feeling down. Bring a pretty box or attractive basket to collect trinkets that bring a smile by offering a play on words or a silly thought. For example, give a Tootsie Roll and add a little note to say you hope the pain will roll away. A packet of seeds can be given with a note of hope for the sick one to grow stronger every day. A Starburst can offer a burst of energy. A toy race car can go with a note expressing the hope for a speedy recovery. Ask your students to brainstorm other creative gifts to include in the get-well survival kit basket.


Create an antiqued vase from an ordinary glass jar.
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Students will enjoy offering a homemade, antiqued flower vase. Bring a cleaned, empty glass jar to school. Tear pieces of 1\2-inch wide masking tape and stick them to a table edge. Working in small groups, students should take turns covering the surface of the vase with the sections of tape. Each tape piece should be smoothed by rubbing with the thumb or finger. When the vase is covered, rub shoe polish over the vase to create an antiqued look. Allow 24 hours for the shoe polish to dry before handling.

Mosaic Card

Students can make a colorful mosaic get-well card.
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Preschool students can express their care and concern for a sick individual with a get-well card. Students fold a piece of construction paper in half. Offer large tracing shapes for students to choose from and allow them to trace the shape in the center of their card. Demonstrate for students how to carefully tear small sections of colored paper from a stack of construction paper of various colors. When there are enough small pieces of colored construction paper torn to cover the traced shape on the card, students can finger-paint glue on the inside of the shape. Working quickly, students should place the torn paper pieces throughout the inside of the shape on the card. On the inside of the card, students can write their name and copy the letters for the words "Get Well Soon."


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