Genie Costume Ideas

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You don't need three wishes to put together a great genie costume. The mythical Arab figures have become a popular costume choice for Halloween and costume parties. The genie costume's popularity is partly due to its versatility, as it can be worn by men and women, boys and girls.


Men have a number of choices when creating their genie costume. For a comical look, they can throw on a pair of light blue pants and red belt, paint their chest blue and grab a mask to look like the genie from the Disney movie "Aladdin." A more serious look can be created by wearing a black tunic under a black and gold robe. Top the ensemble with a turban and people will be asking you to grant wishes all night.


Popularized by Barbara Eden in the hit television show "I Dream of Jeannie," women's genie costumes are all about silk. Start off with a pair of baggy, silk pants and top it off with a silk shirt, possibly one revealing your midriff. Headbands with veils can add a mysterious look to your costume. Any bright colors will work when choosing a genie costume, but shades of blue or red are usually the most popular choices.


Boys and girls both have fun dressing up as genies at Halloween when they go trick or treating or attend a costume party. Boys can dress up in bright blue and become the genie from the Disney movie "Aladdin." Girls can have fun dressing up in pink or light blue silk clothing, wearing a veil and granting wishes for all their friends. Many stores offer complete genie kits in the weeks leading up to Halloween.


There are several things to consider when choosing your genie costume. You need to be conscious of where you'll be wearing the outfit, as a midriff-revealing costume may not be appropriate for some parties. You should also consider whether anyone in attendance would be upset with your choice of attire as a genie, since the attire originates in Arab countries. Making sure that those around you are comfortable with your costume will let you relax and have more fun.