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General Raffle Ticket Rules

General Raffle Ticket Rules
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Whether it's a family reunion, a softball game or birthday party, a great way to add fun to a large group gathering is a raffle. It's a simple contest of chance, requiring just a few guidelines. All you need is a double roll of tickets and paying participants.


A raffle functions as a fundraiser, and a game. When a raffle participant pays you for a ticket, tear the two identical tickets off the double roll. When you tear them off the roll, they will still be attached to each other. Separate them, with an easy rip, and give one ticket to the buyer, and keep the other for yourself. Give the buyer the ticket that reads 'keep this coupon.' The six-digit number on both tickets is identical, so if you pick his number in the raffle drawing, he will know if he has won by looking at his own number.

Time Frame

The time frame of the raffle drawing rests entirely upon the person selling the raffle tickets. If the tickets are sold for an event taking place in the future, remember to tell the ticket holders to keep their tickets until the time of the raffle.


A proper raffle has two locations: an area where all of the tickets are in a large sack or container, and an adjacent area where many individuals hold their own raffle ticket to themselves. Make sure every raffle ticket that is held in the audience has its match in the container. That is, keep the contest fair by not losing any tickets.


A double roll of raffle tickets usually contains about 2,000 tickets. If your party is larger than 2,000, make sure you have enough double rolls to provide everyone with a ticket who wants one.


When it comes time to call out the winners of your raffle, make that everyone who wanted a raffle ticket got one. Once all of your raffle tickets are in your sack or container, it's time to pick the winners. The rule is to call out the number of the ticket that you randomly pick. To claim a prize, the person with the corresponding ticket must present her matching ticket to the one you picked. Once the winner matches tickets with you and collects her prize, the raffle is complete and you have successfully performed a raffle.


Some extremely conservative groups have considered a raffle to be some form of gambling. On the contrary, a raffle should always have a charitable organization attached to it. So when you pay for a ticket, you're not necessarily expecting to win. The raffle money will all go to a cause, and the added fun is that some numbers will win smaller prizes.


There are two benefits in a raffle. First, the raffle money will help some sort of greater cause. Second, a raffle is a fun game of chance. Once all of the raffle tickets have been purchased, a few lucky numbers are picked at random. The ticket holders receive a prize.

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