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Games for Teens at a Church Easter Party

Easter eggs are used in secular and religious Easter celebrations.
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Easter has origins in pagan, Hebrew and Christian holidays and is one of the two most significant holidays in the Christian church, as it celebrates Jesus' resurrection following his crucifixion. Easter occurs any time between March 22 and April 25 every year, and churches often hold Easter parties featuring Easter games, including those suitable for teens.

Resurrection Eggs Easter Scavenger Hunt

Teens will enjoy this Easter egg hunt, which combines scavenger hunt fun with biblical Easter story knowledge. Resurrection eggs are hollow plastic Easter eggs containing information about the Easter story. This game may be played with one or more teams; though more than one team means different colors eggs must be used to differentiate between the teams. Clues are placed in the eggs, which are hidden on the church grounds. The clues will lead the players to where symbols of the Easter story are hidden around the grounds, such as palm leaves, bread, silver coins, perfume, large thorn and a cross. Teams need to find all eggs in their designated color and then use the clues in the eggs to find the Easter symbols. The team that finds all the symbols first can bring them to the game overseer and trade the symbols for a word scramble that will lead to a hidden treat when solved.

Easter Egg Toss

Hard-boiled Easter eggs can be dyed in assorted Easter colors before given to teens to play at the church Easter party. Teens must stand at least 3 feet away from each other and toss the eggs back and forth. Anyone who drops an egg is out. Intensity may be added to this game by using raw eggs that can crack and break if dropped. Players can move farther and farther away from each other during every turn, which also adds to the game's excitement. The person left standing at the end of the game, i.e. the person that has not dropped a single egg, is the winner.

Easter Bible Trivia Games

A trivia game featuring the biblical Easter story is another option for teens. Such trivia games may be printed or purchased from online resources with questions such as "Who betrayed Jesus?" "Whom did Jesus first appear to after he was risen?" and "What garden was Jesus praying in on Holy Thursday?" Homemade versions are also options, which allows you to get as detailed as you would like.

Easter Corners

Easter Corners is a game that can be played from the religious side of Easter. An assortment of religious Easter images, such as palm leaves, crosses, images of Jesus and his disciples, and Jesus' tomb, should be complied and placed in a hat. Larger versions of the images must be placed in the corners of the room (one or two each only). Teens will then run around the room as music is played. When the music stops, teens must select a corner with a certain image. The person running the game selects an image from the hat, and those who are standing in the corner with the correlating image are out of the game.

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