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Funny Ideas to Act Out in a Game of Charades

Tara Novak/Demand Media

Charades is a fun game, but what makes it even more enjoyable is watching the person whose turn it is make a fool of himself. The game involves a team member acting out a word in hopes that her team will guess it. The person can only act and is not allowed to speak or spell letters in the air. Some words are extremely difficult to act out and therefore hilarious to watch.


Tara Novak/Demand Media

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. Some adjectives such as big, small, sharp, fat, happy and sad are easy to mime and not particularly funny to watch. Some adjectives are much more difficult and can lead to fits of laughter as a person struggles to convey the idea. Some funny adjectives are: old-fashioned, impossible, substantial, cooperative, homeless, annoying, naughty, different and helpless.


Tara Novak/Demand Media

Watching someone who is normally reserved flopping around on the floor pretending to be a lobster is what charades is all about. Animals are funny words to act out. Use words like: cow, kangaroo, jellyfish, beaver, lion, peacock, dolphin, rooster, ostrich, turkey, rabbit, penguin, bulldog, anaconda and crow. Insects like ladybug, ant, praying mantis, hornet and worm are funny to watch being acted out but also hard to guess.

Other Nouns

Tara Novak/Demand Media

A noun is a person, place, thing or abstract idea. Celebrity names are great words to use in charades since the person whose turn it is has to imitate them. People like Eminem, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Tom Hanks, Jerry Springer and Oprah are funny. Other nouns such as milkshake, ambulance, kung fu, mosquito bite, nobody, Google, icebreaker, communism, slide, Tokyo, circus tent and chickenpox are also funny.


Tara Novak/Demand Media

If you want to spice up a game of charades after the children have gone to bed you can also include more risqué words. Any words associated with sex are funny to watch particularly if the person whose turn it is turns red in the face. Other words like childbirth, constipation and different nationalities like French, American, Chinese, Canadian, Australian, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian and Egyptian are funny.

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