Fun Trivia Questions & Answers

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Trivia is a fun game for any occasion. Trivia can be played at parties and tailor-made to fit a party theme. Trivia is a good way to help pass the time on long road trips. And, trivia can even be played with only one player when played online or with a trivia book. Trivia appeals to people of all ages and is educational, as well as fun.

Popular Culture

Pop culture questions are a fun way to incorporate everyone in a game of trivia. A mixed group, meaning a group of people who do not have a common sex or age bracket, can all participate in a game of trivia if the questions revolve around a pop culture theme. Choose popular culture questions that encompass trivia about movies, television shows, current events and fashion from a specific era. For instance, "Who sang the1985 hit song, 'We Built This City?'" The answer is Jefferson Starship.

Fictional Characters

Another fun trivia category is fictional characters. Fictional character trivia can range from fairy tale princesses to characters from literary classics to modern day cartoon comic strip stars. Tailor the trivia questions to the interest and scholastic level of those playing. Fictional character trivia might include a question such as "Did Goldilocks eat up all of mother bear's porridge?" The answer is "No" she merely tasted it." Another fictional character question to include is "How many years after Mickey Mouse debuted was Minnie Mouse introduced?" The correct answer is "the two mice debuted on the same day, May 15, 1928."


Everyone eats and most people have fun doing it, so food is always a good, common interest for trivia questions. Consider questions like "What is the biggest selling restaurant food?" Some might guess hamburgers or pizza, but the correct answer is actually French fries. Or, "What food is most difficult to give up for dieters according to the University of California at Berkley Wellness Letter?" The answer is that most dieters claim cheese is the hardest food for them to give up while dieting.


Sport enthusiasts can spend hours watching games, learning statistics and sharing their passion. Having a sports-themed trivia game will not only be a fun game but will pit sports fans against each other for the respectful title of most knowledgeable sportsperson. Consider using some questions that would be considered easy. For instance, most enthusiasts would probably correctly guess the Los Angeles Dodgers to the question, "What was the only baseball team to win two World Series in the 1980s?" Add some more obscure sports trivia such as "In what decade did names first appear on the back of NFL jerseys?" The answer is "the 1960s."