Fun Games to Play Inside on a Rainy Day

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A rainy day can ruin your plans to play outside. But even if it's raining outside, there are still lots of games that are fun to play indoors when the weather is bad. These games can be played with as few as two people or with a large group, depending on who is caught inside during the rain.


Charades can be a fun indoor activity for the whole family.
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Charades is an easy and fun game for adults and kids. It is a great game to play inside when it is too rainy to go outside. Players should be divided evenly into two teams. A game leader is also chosen who will not be a part of either team. Instead, the game leader will write down the clues and keep time during the game. The game leader takes several strips of paper and writes down a person (celebrity, political figure, cartoon character, etc), place (country, city, etc), or thing (television show, inanimate object, etc). One player from each team draws a strip of paper and reads the clue without sharing it with his or her teammates. The player then has one minute to act out what is on the paper without using any words. If the player’s teammates guess what was on his paper, that team gets a point. Then it is the other team’s turn. The first team to reach 10 points wins.

Broom Sock Ball

Brooms and a rolled-up sock are the only items you need for this fun indoor game.
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This is a fun game to play inside, but be sure to move any breakable objects to a safe spot. Players should be divided evenly into two teams (you can even play one on one). Each player has a broom. Create goal posts at each end of the room. You can use paper plates, chairs, or anything else around the house that is not breakable. Place one balled-up sock in the middle of the room. When the game begins, each player tries to sweep the sock into the other team’s goal. The brooms cannot come off of the floor and players cannot hit each other with the brooms. The first team to score 3 goals wins.

Jump the River

You can use two pieces of string or rope to make the banks of an indoor river.
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This is a fun indoor game for kids or adults with a lot of energy. Start by finding two pieces of rope or string (you can also use a rolled up blanket or towel). Place the two pieces side by side, with only about one foot in between them. The space between is the "river." Have the players take turns jumping across the "river." The player must land with both feet on the opposite side for his or her jump to count. After everyone has jumped across the river, move the pieces of rope or string further apart. Keep doing this until there is only one person left who can jump across the "river." This person is the winner. You can make this game even more challenging by adding new rules such as jumping with only one leg, jumping with your eyes closed, or stepping across without jumping at all.


Players playing rainstorm can mimic the sound of the rain outside.
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This is a fun activity to play, especially if there is a large group of people. Everyone must gather in a circle except for one person who is the “conductor.” Everyone in the circle faces the conductor and she begins by moving slowly around the circle, facing the people in it, and lightly rubbing her fingers together. As the conductor passes in front of someone, that person must mimic what she is doing. After the conductor has made her way around the circle, she begins rubbing her hands together, slightly louder than before. After each turn around the circle, the conductor's action changes, from lightly snapping her fingers to gently clapping to more vigorous clapping, with the people in the circle following and getting louder and louder until they begin to make the sound of a rainstorm. The conductor can add thunder by stomping her feet loudly. Once the storm has gotten loud enough, the conductor continues to move around the circle, making quieter and still quieter noises until she once again is rubbing her fingers together. If the group wants to repeat the activity, choose another conductor.