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Fun Partners' Games for Kids

Allow partnerships to flourish with fun kids' games.
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The importance of children interacting with their peers becomes apparent when you see their self-esteem and communication skills improve. Providing the children with fun games that bring them together makes getting to know each other very appealing. As long as all the players can split up into equal pairs, partner games are a perfect way for children to form friendships.

Split the Pairs

Pick one child to play "It." Divide the rest of the players into pairs. Tell all the pairs to hold hands and keep holding hands throughout the game. While "It" counts to 30, the pairs all race away from him, trying to get as far from him as possible. "It" then chases the pairs, trying to tag them. If just one partner gets tagged, that eliminates the pair from the game. The last remaining pair wins.

Blindfolded Makeover

This game works best with a group of young girls. Start by dividing the group into pairs. Hand each pair a set of makeup supplies or, if you prefer, face paint. Blindfold one partner of each group. When you prompt them, the blindfolded players have to give their partners a makeover without being able to see them. Once about five minutes pass, the blindfolded players take off their blindfolds and see their creations. Allow the other players to have their turns at making their partners over, as well.

Drawing Together

Divide the group into pairs. Seat the pairs so that one partner faces away from the other partner. Hand the partner facing away a piece of paper and a pencil. Hand the other partner a hand-drawn sketch. All of the pairs should receive the same picture. When you say "Go," the partners with the sketch give their partners instructions on how to draw the picture in their hands. After five minutes passes, have the pairs stop. The pair with a sketch that most closely resembles the predrawn sketch wins.

Mine Field

Make a small obstacle course using anything from traffic cones to lounge chairs. Divide the group into pairs. One pair starts the game. One partner has to make it through the obstacle course and back blindfolded. His partner has to call out instructions such as "Keep going straight" or "Move left" to make sure he doesn't hit any of the obstacles. If he does hit an obstacle, he has to start over. Time each pair as they do this. The pair with the best time wins the game.

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