Fun Outdoor Night Games

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Playing outdoor games can be great for team building exercises, a different take for a birthday party and of course great for keeping kids entertained on a camping holiday.

All outdoors games are supposed to be fun so should not be taken too seriously, and the area should be checked while it is still light to ensure there is nothing dangerous lying around.

Sleeping Pirate

Everyone should have a go at being the pirate
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One person is blindfolded, and she is the “Sleeping Pirate”. Something is placed in front of her, like a candy bar. Everyone else in the group must move at least twenty paces from her. Everyone in the group must try and steal the candy bar without being heard. As soon as the “pirate” hears something, she points in the direction she heard the noise and that person must return to where he started. The winner is the person who steals the candy bar without being caught.


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One person is given a torch and must close her eyes and count to 30, standing at the “base”, which could be a bag or a tent. She is “it”. All other members in the group must run and hide. Using the torch, “it” must try and find the rest of the group. As soon as she sees someone that person is out. Members must try and reach the “base” without being seen. Wearing dark clothes is advantageous for this game.

Hug a tree

one person must hug the tree
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The group is split in pairs. One person in each pair is blindfolded, and then led to a tree via an obscure route. Once there the blindfolded person has to feel the tree, it’s trunk and routes etc. After about a minute, the other person helps the blindfolded person back to the starting point, again via an obscure route. He can even pretend to help her under an imaginary fence, or other such misleading ideas. The blindfolds are removed, and the person then has to try and locate the tree she was hugging.

Smugglers game

The group is split into two even teams. One team is the “smugglers” and the other is the “custom officials”, or any variant on the names. The smugglers are given something they must try and get past the custom officials without being caught. This could be anything from a balloon to an old jumper. They way the smugglers work is up to them. They can try and rush past the custom officials, throwing the balloon between them, or one can hide it and try and sneak past the customs officials while the rest of her team make a diversion.