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Fun Inside Games to Play for 20 People

Even an adults' party livens up with some entertaining group games.
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Having a large company of friends and family over is reason enough for merriment, but a party really heats up when you start playing games that include everyone. It can prove quite challenging to set up games for 20 people, especially if you have to squeeze them indoors. A few trusty games, though, are sure to save the day (or night), even if you have to move some furniture first.


Players must choose a moderator, who prepares as many cards as there are players. Two cards must contain the word "Assassin," one says "Policeman" and another says "Medic." The moderator asks all players but the assassins to close their eyes; the two players then silently decide whom to kill. Afterwards, assassins close their eyes to allow the paramedic to give immunity to one player for a round and then the policeman to accuse a player of being the assassin. The moderator then asks all players to open their eyes, announcing who was killed, who survived with the help of the paramedic and if a policeman caught any assassin. All players discuss and speculate about who they think the killer is and why, while those accused, guilty or not, defend themselves or sow suspicion for the fun of it. Then, there is a vote on who is one of the assassins. If players are right, the assassin leaves the game; if not, the game continues until everyone is dead or the assassins are caught.

Four on a Couch

Split all guests into two teams and have them sit in a big circle in the living room, alternating team members. Four guests, two from each team, must sit on a couch, forming part of the big circle as well. Leave one spot vacant and assign one of the players to distribute pen and paper to all players to write down their name. The player then collects the papers, puts them in a bag and asks all participants to draw one. The player to the right of the vacant spot announces whom she wants to sit next to her; the person who holds the paper with that name on it must go sit in the vacant spot. Now, the person to the right of the newly vacant spot must repeat the process. The game goes on until all four people sitting on the couch are from the same team.

Simon Says

Move all furniture from the middle of the room, as this game includes physical activity. One player assumes the role of Simon and stands in front of all the other players, watching and evaluating them. Draw a line or place an object, like a party hat, between you and the players; the first one to reach this point wins. Simon then gives a variety of commands, such as "jump twice," "spin around," "move a step forward," preceded by "Simon Says." He also tries to trick them by giving commands without saying "Simon says" first. When players obey a command not preceded by "Simon Says," they must return to their initial spot.


This game is suitable for groups that are tired of physical games, when you cannot move furniture or as a fun way to give away presents. Prepare Bingo grids, containing 25 random numbers from 1 to 99. Write a distinct number on 99 small pieces of paper and crumble them to make paper balls. Your own Bingo game is ready; all you have to do is randomly draw a paper ball and announce the number it contains, while players must shout "Bingo!" when they matched five numbers.

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