Fun Fast Things to Knit

Fun fast things to knit are scarves and pillows, which require little shaping.
Emma Innocenti/Lifesize/Getty Images

Fun fast things to knit encompass projects that require little shaping, such as hats, blankets, pillows, scarves and bags. Clothing items with simple patterns, which include ponchos, vests and shrugs, can also be quick and enjoyable. Begin with worsted weight yarn that is smooth and easy to manage. Use large-sized needles. Select patterns that employ two strands.


Knit two squares with two strands of chenille yarn, and join the shoulder and side seams to make a pullover. Gather about 765 yards of chenille acrylic yarn and a pair of size 13 needles. Use a Stockinette stitch to make 11 stitches and 17 rows. Check your gauge, which should measure about four inches for a small-sized pullover. Use a double strand of yarn to cast on 55 stitches for the back, purling the first row and knitting the second. Repeat this last step for the front. Lay the two squares flat. Put markers 9 1/2 inches from the bottom edge of the sides of the two squares, leaving room for the arms. Leave also the 13 inches in the squares’ center free for the neck. Put markers at 3 1/2 inches from each shoulder edge. Sew the seams for the shoulder, allowing the neck and lower edges to curl inside.


Gather 15 ozs. of red, 15 ozs. of fuschia and 2.5 ozs. of turquoise worsted weight yarn, and a set of size 15 knitting needles. Use two strands of yarn while you knit. Knit four rows, casting 34 stitches with the red yarn. Knit three, purl 28 and knit 3 for the next row on the wrong side. Knit all of the stitches for the next row on the right side. Repeat the last two rows until the scarf is 10-inches long. Join with the turquoise yarn and repeat 6 rows with the identical pattern. Rejoin with the red yarn and knit until the scarf is 5-feet long. Join with the fuschia yarn and knit with the same pattern until it is the same length as the red piece that extends to the turquoise stripe. Rejoin with the fuschia and knit for another 10 inches. Bind the stitches to finish, and then gently steam the scarf.


Pull together four shades, ranging from very dark to light, of a color of worsted weight yarn. Use the following weights of yarn: 16 ozs. for light; 20 ozs. for medium; 20 ozs. for dark; and, 28 ozs for very dark. Use size 13 knitting needles, knitting in a pattern with two strands and measuring from top to bottom and across. Check gauge so that three stitches equates to one inch, and seven rows to two inches. Knit one strip by following these steps: 1) cast on 31 stitches with the darkest color; 2) knit one row; 3) knit one stitch, purl one stitch and knit one across row; 4) knit row; 5) repeat third step; 6) repeat second and third steps for the next 34 rows, and then cut the darkest color; 7) repeat steps two through six for 34 rows with the dark color, and then cut; 8) repeat steps two through six with the darkest color; 9) repeat steps seven and eight twice, and then bind off. Use the same nine step pattern for the next strip, but use the medium and light colors of yarn. Pin and sew the strips together when finished knitting.

Baby Blanket

Gather 24 ozs. of worsted weight yarn and 10 1/2-sized 29-inch circular needle. Check gauge so that four stitches equates to an inch and 14 rows to two inches. Cast on four stitches and knit across, then begin with the following pattern: 1) knit one, knit in front and back of the next stitch, and then knit across for the first row; 2) repeat first row for the next 208 stitches on the needle; 3) start decreases with knit one, knit two together and then knit across; 4) repeat the last row until five stitches are left; 5) knit one, knit two together and knit two for the last row; and, 6) bind off. Spray the finished blanket lightly with water, shape as desired and allow to dry.