Fun Dice Games

If you have a few dice around, you can always play a game.
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Dice games provide for a variety of educational and entertainment purposes. They can be played to help children learn math skills or to add a little friendly competition to social gatherings. There are even some dice games designed to be played during a cocktail party. The number of dice you'll need to play varies depending on the game you choose.


1000 is a game that can be played by any number of players, making it a good choice for both small and large groups. Five dice are needed. All five dice are rolled by the first player. Rolling three of a kind scores 100 times the face value of the three dice that match. Rolling a one on any die scores 100 points and rolling a five on any die scores 50 points. After rolling, the player can either set aside any dice he wants to keep and roll the remaining dice for more points, or take his points and pass the dice to the next player. If a player continues rolling, and fails to score in subsequent rolls, he loses all his points for that round. If all the dice are used on a player's turn in scoring combinations, he can continue, starting again with all five.

Beat That

Beat That is a simple dice game that involves rolling three dice, and is played in rounds. Each player rolls the three dice and forms the largest number she can using each of the dice once. For example, if a five, four and two were rolled, she would write down 542. The next player would roll the dice trying to form a number higher than that. The player in each round that forms the highest number wins the round and gets a point. Play until one player scores ten points to win the game.


Each player writes the numbers one through six in a column on a piece of paper, with one being at the bottom and six at the top. Players then take turns rolling two dice. A player crosses numbers off his list as he rolls them, but must only cross off from the bottom. This means a two can not be crossed out before a one is rolled, and so on. The six can not be crossed out until the previous five numbers have all been crossed out. The first player to cross out every number in his column has "climbed the mountain" and won the game.

Mud Trap

Mud trap is a game that involves rolling five dice to get combinations that score higher than your opponents. Each time a player rolls, she receives a score equal to the numbers on all the dice as long as no die has a two or five on it. If a die has a two or five on it, no points are scored on that roll and the dice with twos and fives are removed for the round. The player continues rolling until each die has become caught in a mud trap by rolling a two or five. She then adds the points for any rolls that scored and passes the turn to the player on her left. Players can choose a number of rounds to play, and the person with the highest score at the end wins.

Drinking Ones

Drinking Ones is a game that can be played at a bar. Players take turns rolling five dice, all the while keeping track of how many ones are rolled and tallying them as the dice pass from player to player. The player who rolls the seventh one gets to name the next drink to be purchased; the player who rolls the fourteenth one gets to consume the drink; and the player who rolls the twenty-first one gets to pay for the drink.