How to Fix a Taylor Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

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The Taylor Co. produces a number of soft serve ice cream machine models, and each has an extensive operator's manual with a problem solving section to help owners troubleshoot their machines. Common problems with soft serve machines relate to ice cream consistency, temperature, or leakages. Owners can fix many of the problems, but the manual recommends having a service technician tackle some of the more difficult ones.

Product Consistency

Pour some of the product into a dish. If the product is too stiff or too soft, the viscosity needs to be adjusted. Contact a service technician for assistance.

Check to ensure there is proper ventilation around the condenser, if the technician determines the viscosity is correct and the product is still too soft. Clean the condenser as specified in the operator's manual.

Check to see if the scraper blades are worn. Replace if necessary as specified in the operator's manual. Order replacement parts from the Taylor Co.

Temperature of Product Mix

Check the mix hopper temperature to see if it is too warm or too cold by reading the hopper temperature indicator on the front of the machine.

Call a service technician to adjust the hopper temperature and equipment. If the product is still too warm after this adjustment, reposition the mix hopper cover so it covers the opening completely.

Press the "MIX REF" key to ensure it is refrigerating properly. "MIX REF" light should be illuminated when cooling properly.


Check the rear drip pan for excessive product leakages. Replace worn or missing drive shaft seals on the drive shaft as specified in the operator's manual.

Check the rear shell bearing for wear. If it appears worn, call a service technician to replace it.

Check the door spout for excessive mix leakage. Replace any missing or worn draw valve o-rings as specified in the operator's manual. Lubricate the draw valve o-rings if they appear dry. Use the lubricant type listed in the operator's manual, such as Taylor lube.


  • Failure to follow recommendations listed in the operator's manual regarding use of a service technician for certain problems may void your manufacturer's warranty.