How to Find Amethysts

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How to Find Amethysts. Amethyst is a popular semi-precious gemstone that is often used for jewelery today. Hunting the amethyst stone, whether its done for fun or profit, makes for an exciting adventure with treasure at the end. Below are some tips to help you strike it big.

Go to a location where Amethyst can be found. Piedras Parado, Las Vigas, and Minas Gerais in Brazil are all famous for their large quantities of quality amethyst. Unless you live in one of these places, digging for amethyst stone in your back yard is unlikely to yield much.

Look for geodes. A geode is a rock which is hollow but contains crystallized minerals around the inside edge. Amethyst is often found this way. Note that there is no way to tell if a rock is a geode or not. The only test is to crack it open and see for yourself.

Inspect the ground for veins. Amethyst stone sometimes grows in veins in areas where magma has been, and these are easy to find. Simply pick an area and dig holes about 30 feet down until you find a vein. Amethyst found this way is often clumped together.

Look for Citrine. Citrine is a mineral often found with amethyst deposits. Chances are, if you see Citrine, you'll find amethyst too.

Hire a geologist, if all else fails. Geologists are trained to know all about the different types of amethyst stone and where you'll find them.


  • Hiring a geologist can be expensive, a factor to keep in mind when mapping your amethyst hunting budget.

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