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How to Make a Hanging Crystal

Crystals can be hung in windows or used as ornaments on trees, plants or around the house.
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Crystals hung in a window will cast rainbows along the walls when the sun hits them just right. They also sparkle when they catch lighting in general, so they're a way to beautify a home. Some people use particular crystals for their healing properties and hang them in a room or near an altar. The easiest way to hang crystals is to purchase crystals that have small holes drilled in them or are in a setting with an eye attached. Try hanging crystals in groups in the sunniest parts of your home or spread them out by putting one above every window.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fishing Line
  • Crystals
  • Scissors
  • Small Hooks, Tacks Or Nails

Visit a rock shop, gem and mineral store, or a novelty shop where crystals are sold. Look for the ones that already have the very small holes bored into them near the tops. Many of these are formed for making jewelry or pendulums. Clear quartz is common, but look for what appeals to you. Some rock shops also have lapidary artists who will gladly drill a small hole in a crystal you really want.

Cut the fishing line to twice the length you need, which will allow the crystal to hang suspended from a spot about 1 or 2 inches above the window or area of your choice. Allow an extra couple of inches for tying the line.

String one end of the line through the hole in the crystal. Pull about half through and gradually pull the rest until you can hold both ends of the line together. Knot the end of the line using a couple of square knots or any simple knot that will hold strongly. Repeat the stringing for the number of crystals you will hang.

Place the hook, tack or nail into the wall where you will hang the crystal. If you are hanging several together, leave a few inches between them. You can create a drape effect by hanging 8 to 12 on varying lengths of line.

Hang the crystal over the nails. Stand back and check to see if the height is appealing. If it's too long, simply take it down and snip the knot, then retie to the shorter length. If not long enough, cut a new length of line using the old one as a measure, but add the desired inches.


If you're hanging a lot of crystals along one window, use a small thin strip of wood to put the tacks or small nails into, nail it up as a unit by securing both ends to the wall above. This reduces the numbers of holes in a wall.

You can substitute thin, strong yarns, or ribbons for varying effects. These are especially nice during special occasions or holidays.

Some people like to hang the thin rounds of colorful agate slices. Some of these already have natural places that can serve as holes. Just run the line through them, but don't crowd them in a location as they might crack.

If you find a pendulum or crystal you like that is on a chain or used in jewelry, remove the chain and replace it with the proper length of line through the eye on a setting.

You can hang a group of crystals from a frame used for crafting a mobile, too, and place it anywhere - just hang the whole unit from a hook in the ceiling.


  • Don't hang crystals that are too heavy. The effect is not altogether "light" and they could drop, crack or break against each other.
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