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Equipment Needed to Start a Dance Studio

Inspire generations of young dancers with a well-equipped studio.
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Starting a dance studio requires equipment specific for the dance industry. Although initial costs are high, this equipment should last for many years of dance practice. Investing in high-quality equipment ensures its longevity and durability. Spend less on decor than you do on equipment; make decor cost-effective by using simple paint and framed dance magazine covers as art work.

Music Selection and Entertainment Equipment

Maintain your dance studio floors through proper care and maintenance.
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Invest in a quality selection of music; have enough music for the kinds of dance you will be offering in your studio. Consider adding a piano to your studio if classical ballet is one of your primary functions. Incorporate high-quality speakers into your dance studio so that your music selection will be well-heard by your students. Add a television and DVD player to your studio; these will be useful for those times when you want to have students watch sample performances or dance history videos.


Natural light is ideal for a dance studio; if your studio does not have natural light, add high-quality lighting.
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Mirrors are a must in a dance studio. Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors if possible; if not, use mirrors that at least show the full-body view of your students. Add cleaning supplies, specific to mirrors, to your studio cleaning room and have the mirrors cleaned regularly.


Dance studios require flooring that is specific to a studio. Linoleum and hard wood are common surfaces for dance studios. You can also install special sprung floors; these are useful for all dance studios but especially for studios that instruct pre-professional and professional dancers.

Props, Accessories and Costumes

Add a costume closet or even a costume room to your dance studio. Have accessories, like tutus, as well as spare tights, leotards and ballet dresses on hand. Add children's costumes for playtime and creative learning. Add props like wands, baskets and other dramatic items for choreography lessons.

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