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Embossed Vs. Engraved

Embossing and engraving are two methods of creating depth in paper or other materials, including metal. Embossing uses all existing materials to create its effect, while engraving removes trace amounts of materials to create its effect.


Embossing on paper or other materials is the process of producing sunken or raised designs, or reliefs. Embossed images or designs can be felt because they are on a different level than the surrounding area, and are three-dimensional.


Engraving on paper or other materials is the process of incising images, a design, or words onto a hard, flat surface by cutting or shaving grooves into it. Engraved designs are carved into the surrounding area.


Embossing molds existing materials into their designs without removing any, while engraving actually carves out and removes the material into which it is being carved.

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