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Easy to Make Homemade Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are maybe best known for their frequent usage in night clubs.
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Strobe lights, the bright flashing lights known for their frequent use in night clubs and in emergency vehicles, are sought after for a number of entertainment as well as professional purposes. But they can sometimes be quite expensive compared to a homemade alternative. While there are many ways to make a strobe light at home completely from scratch, if you have the time to wait for products to be shipped to you, by far the simplest means of creating a homemade strobe light is by buying a strobe box plug adapter and connecting it to a bright lamp in your house.

The Easiest Homemade Strobe Light

Type in "make any light a strobe light" to a search bar and then go to the houseofrave website selling the adapter and buy it.

Once you receive the strobe box wall adapter, choose a lamp in your house bright enough to serve as your strobe. The strobe box plug adapter will work with older fluorescent or incandescent bulbs as well as LED bulbs, but there are pros and cons to using all three. The older bulbs will burn out more quickly and use more energy than the LEDs (the incandescents being particularly inefficient). On the other hand, a single LED may not be bright enough and will be more expensive to buy and replace.

Plug your lamp into the strobe box plug adapter, and then plug the adapter into a wall socket.

Turn on your lamp and adjust the knob on you strobe box wall adapter to set the speed of the flashes. Just like that, you've got yourself a simple homemade strobe light ready for use wherever you have a wall socket and electricity!

Things You'll Need:

  • Strobe box plug adapter
  • A lamp bright enough to fit your taste


Be sure to have an extra bulb on hand when using your homemade strobe light, in case your first bulb burns out!


  • Some bulbs can get very hot after prolonged use, so be wary of the heat build-up when using your strobe light!
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