Easy Crafts for Special Needs Kids

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Searching out fun and easy projects for special needs kids can be challenging, as each child has individual issues to deal with. All craft projects must be personalized for the child's physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Choose from crafts utilizing paints, crayons, fabrics and other items you may find in craft stores. Upon completion of the project, the child will not only have learned many new things, but also have a sense of accomplishment.

Finger Painting

Finger painting offers special needs children a fun and educational way of exploring creativity. The act of creating pictures and designs with their hands is soothing and relaxing. Kids will develop color recognition as well as cause-and-effect. Make sure to cover the work table completely; have containers of water available and lots of paper towels for clean-up. Purchase finger paints at any craft store or make them at home. Allow the children to select their favorite colors and enjoy the changing colors as they are blended.

Emotion Drawing and Painting

Emotion drawing and painting gives the child a chance to get in touch with feelings. You suggest a particular emotion, such as anger, sadness or joy, to the child and he creates that emotion with crayons or paint on paper. You'll need large pieces of paper, large crayons that are easy to hold, water-based paint, paint brushes and lots of paper towels for clean-up. The finished art work can act as a barometer of how children are feeling at that time.


Many special needs children are able to cut and paste, though those children with coordination issues may need some assistance. Guide the students with particular themes or let them choose their own. Use blunt scissors, colored paper and magazine pages to accomplish a colorful piece of artwork. Children will learn about colors, shapes and design. Create some samples of a finished project to give the children an idea of what their artwork can look like.

Clay Projects

Clay is a suitable medium for kids with special needs. The kids can roll the clay out and use cookie cutters to make shapes or design their own shapes. Add carving tools to create texture, such as plastic knives, toothbrushes and popsicle sticks. Working with clay is not only fun for kids, but can also help strengthen their motor coordination.