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How to Draw Dots on Dice

Standard dice have six sides, each with dots in a particular order.
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Dice have been used by humans in games of chance for thousands of years. The oldest-known dice are nearly 5,000 years old, and were excavated in modern-day Iran. Today, dice are important pieces in family board games and other games. You can create your own pair of dice. In order to make the dice properly, there are a few things to know regarding the placement of the round dots on each face of the die, known as spots or pips.

Dip the very tip of the paint brush in black paint and make a single small dot on the middle of any side of the cube. Allow the paint to dry before continuing so you do not smudge the dot. Depending on the material from which your die is made, you could also use a black permanent marker instead of paint.

Paint two parallel vertical columns of three dots each on the face of the die opposite the single dot. All the dots are painted on a die so that the sum of the numbers on two opposite faces always equals seven.

Paint two dots on one of the faces between the single-dot side and the six-dot side. These two dots should be placed with one in the top-left corner of the face and the other in the bottom-right corner.

Paint five dots on the face opposite the two-dot side, with a single dot in each corner and one in the center of the face.

Hold the die so the single-dot side is facing you and the two-dot side is facing up. On the blank side facing to your left paint three dots going diagonally from top left to bottom right. On the opposite face paint four dots, one in each corner.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1/2-inch-square cube
  • Small-tip paintbrush
  • Black paint
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