How to Double My Coke Rewards for Free

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The My Coke Rewards program allows drinkers of Coca-Cola products, such as Powerade, Dasini water and Coke, to save up points for special merchandise. You can use your Coke Rewards points to buy swag, download free MP3s of your favorite songs, or even make charitable donations to your school. Occasionally, Coke offers opportunities to double up on points.

Watch the My Coke Rewards website. Coca-Cola will occasionally put out a list of dates when you can double your rewards just by entering your codes on a specific day. Log in to your My Coke Rewards account on one of their special dates and load as many of your codes in as possible for double points toward merchandise.

Shop for special promotional codes toward double points. The products that offer My Coke Rewards points will sometimes award double points on multi-packs of merchandise like PowerAde, Minute Maid and more Coke products.

Watch for special promotions from fast food restaurants that serve Coca-Cola beverages. For example, when McDonald's runs their Monopoly game, you can often win Coke Rewards points from your game pieces.

Ask friends and family who don't use their Coke Rewards points to save them for you. This will let you double up your points for free.

Pick up trash. Help clean up parks, sidewalks and streets. As you're cleaning, you may come upon discarded Coke caps.