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Do it Yourself Galvanized Steel Swingsets

Swings provide hours of fun for both young and old alike
empty swings image by robert mobley from Fotolia.com

Just like the playground equipment from school days, you too can build a sturdy and long-lasting galvanized swing set. Requiring very few tools and a simple parts list, putting together the swing set is just a matter of threading 2” galvanized pipe into different fittings and securing the entire assembly solidly in the ground. You will also need to drill the pipe in several places to install the swings using eye bolts, chains and a seat.

Design and materials

Create a design and materials list. Make the swing set at least twice as tall and the average child who will use the equipment. The number of swings will determine the sets’ length. Each swing should have a 24-inch wide seat with one foot on each side. Double this and each swing will be two feet from the next. You’ll also need a “Y” fitting for the ends of the swing set to construct the “A” support legs. All of these materials are available from home supply or plumbing supply dealers.


The long cross piece will support the swings. Drill hole through the pipe spaced appropriately for each swing. The 2” galvanized pipe will be threaded on each end and the fittings will have matching threading. Just assemble the threaded sections finger tight. Use a pipe wrench to tighten. Once assembled, install threaded pipe caps on the leg ends. This will seal up the assembly and prevent water or insects getting into the pipes.


Install eye bolts in each of the holes in the top cross pipe. Use threaded nuts and washers to securely attach the bolts with the eye “inside” the swing set. Using two length of heavy-weigh link chain for each swing, use “S” hooks to attach the chains to the eye bolts. Install eye bolts at each end of a 2-foot length of 2x6 painted board. Use “S” hooks to attach the seats to the hanging chains. You may want to shape the seats and remove any sharp corners on the board. Round smooth edges will make for a more comfortable ride.


Dig 12” deep holes and place each leg in a hole. This can then be filled with soil or with concrete, depending on how secure you want your swing set. Once set in the ground, the swing set is ready for play. Test the swing by pulling the chains and the actual seat.

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