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How do I Smoke Mint Leaves?

Mint leaves can be rolled in rolling papers and smoked.
mint image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.com

Chewing or smoking mint leaves is a home remedy used often to cure an addiction to tobacco. Cultures in China and India have been smoking a variety of herbs—from ginger root to chamomile—for centuries for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Mint leaves are also often added to marijuana or tobacco to add a menthol-like flavor. Smoking mint leaves alone is easy and can be done by rolling dried mint leaves into rolling paper just like you would hand-roll a tobacco cigarette.

Lay a sheet of rolling paper flat on your table or other smooth, dry surface. If the rolling paper has an adhesive end, make sure the adhesive end is facing up.

Fold a small piece of medium-weight paper into a "V" shape.

Drop a pinch of mint leaves onto the V-shaped paper, allowing the mint leaves to settle into the crease of the "V."

Sprinkle the mint leaves slowly into a line across the rolling paper.

Use the medium-weight paper to line up any stray leaves.

Roll the sides of the rolling paper together until you have a cigarette-like product. If there is a glued edge, let this part stick out of the roll.

Lick the edges of the rolling paper together, sealing the cigarette. Be careful to keep moisture away from the tip of the cigarette that you want to smoke from, or you will have trouble lighting it.

Twist the ends of your rolled mint cigarette closed on both ends.

Hold the mint cigarette up to your mouth.

Inhale from one end as you light your mint cigarette with a lighter or match on the other end.

Things You'll Need:

  • Mint leaves
  • Rolling paper
  • Medium-weight paper
  • Lighter


Do not try to smoke green mint leaves; dry leaves will light much easier.

You will not get high off of smoking mint leaves, but it may make you feel dizzy.

If you do not enjoy smoking mint but still want to quit smoking, you can try an all-mint dip, an imitation of tobacco dip.

You may need to try this process a few times before you get it right.


  • Smoke a small amount of mint leaves; they can irritate your throat and lungs if you pack too much into your rolling papers. Smoke in all forms is not good for the lungs. It is illegal to smoke marijuana or other drugs in most states.
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