Do RF Bug Detectors Work?

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There are many radio frequency detectors that are effective at finding spy bugs and other invasive equipment. Most present day devices can be detected with fairly inexpensive equipment. It is very important to understand how these detectors work in order to choose one that will detect any likely bugs that you may encounter. Once you understand the general principles of how the bugs work, you can choose a device that has the options that you will require to find any bugs you may be likely to encounter.

How they work

Radio frequencies are given off by nearly all spying devices, and these radio frequencies can be detected with the proper equipment. The most important factor to take into account when choosing a bug detector is finding equipment that repeatedly locates several types of spy devices. Different types of spy bugs give off a large range of frequencies and it is important for your detector to be able to locate as many devices as possible. The larger the range of frequencies detectable, the more likely your detector will locate hidden spy bugs. It is important to find a model that has a good display of the frequency that is being read and the strength that it is reading at.


There are several types of models you can choose from when selecting a spy bug detector. Be wary of models that claim to be an all-in-one device because there is a good chance that some of the functions are inoperable or very ineffective at best. The best type of model to look for is one that has an audio reading, a visual display and has a method to change the frequency that is being searched for. You will also want to purchase a unit that has an external sweep unit to make it easier to search harder-to-reach areas.


Frequency detectors can be used to locate several types of spy equipment. They can be used to detect microphone bugs, wire taps, video cameras and laser microphones. When using any device to detect frequencies, you will need to ensure that you search a very large range of frequencies in several areas around the suspected area. Be sure to keep in mind that if the perpetrator is of a high caliber, the devices that they are using could be operating on a frequency that is outside the range of normal detectors and a manual search may still be necessary.