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How to Do Broom Dancing

Broom dancing
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Broom dancing is a fun family game to play around the holidays. For many families, it is a Thanksgiving tradition, and the more people who are playing the more fun it becomes. Anyone old enough to stand up can play, so the game is a good one for large families with members of different ages. The rules are simple and the fun never stops with this silly, entertaining game.

Bring out the broom. You can use any old broom for this game. It is better if the broom is an indoor broom so that it is not quite as dirty.

Decide who will go first. Some families draw straws or pick numbers to decide, while others let the oldest or the youngest start off the festivities.

Turn up the music. You can use the radio, but it is better to have a CD or mp3 player that will let you play the same song for each player. The length of a turn is the same as the length of a song.

Watch the first broom dancer carefully. The first broom dancer will perform a dance with the broom. They may use the broom as a prop, a partner or a stunt device. Whatever they do, you will have to imitate them, so watch them closely.

Have each person imitate the first dancer. Each subsequent player attempts to perform a broom dance identical to the starting player's dance. They should also dance the length of a song or a designated amount of time if you are using the radio.

Continue playing until everyone has done at least one original performance. Each person will get to start out a round once. After that, if you are not all beat, you can continue the game until someone wears out.

Things You'll Need:

  • Broom
  • Music


You may want to record these games as they can be a source of laughter and good memories for years to come. Some families watch tapes from years past as part of the tradition before playing their yearly round. You can also set your kids up to play this game outside in the yard. Make sure that they have enough room so that they do not end up hitting each other with the broom.

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