DIY Tea Cup & Saucer Fountain

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Things You'll Need

  • Terra cotta sealer
  • Paint sponge
  • 14-inch-diameter terra cotta planter saucer
  • Metal footed, scrolled candle holder
  • One-part epoxy adhesive
  • Small teapot with spout
  • Tea cup and saucer
  • Small submersible fountain pump
  • Flexible plastic tubing
  • Scissors
  • Wet floral foam
  • Serrated knife
  • Silk greenery

Make a whimsical table top fountain with a tea cup and saucer theme to decorate your breakfast or patio table centerpiece. Beginning crafters can make this DIY fountain with a few supplies from a home and garden store. When the fountain pump is activated, water flows continuously from the spout of a small teapot into a cup and saucer. The water that flows over the top of the tea cup is then recycled back up into the teapot.

Seal a 14-inch-diameter terra cotta planter saucer with terra cotta sealer. Allow the sealer to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Invert a metal scrolled, footed candle holder that’s at least 4 inches in diameter and 6 to 8 inches tall onto the inside of the planter saucer’s platform. You can find scrolled, footed candle holders in home accessory and discount stores.

Glue the candle platform section of the candle holder to the inside platform of the planter saucer, near the saucer wall, with one-part epoxy adhesive. Sit a small teapot on top of the inverted candle holder; the scrolled, footed base of the candle holder supports the teapot. Angle the teapot spout downward over the planter saucer platform.

Glue the bottom of the tea cup to the center of a matching saucer with one-part epoxy adhesive. Position the tea cup and saucer on the platform of the planter saucer so that the teapot’s spout falls over the tea cup. Glue the underside of the tea cup’s saucer to the planter saucer platform with one-part epoxy adhesive.

Place a small, submersible fountain pump on the planter saucer platform beside the inverted candle holder. Cut a length of clear, flexible plastic tubing to fit from the pump to inside the teapot. Attach one end of the tubing to the water spout on top of the pump; insert the other end inside the teapot.

Position the teapot lid over the teapot opening, on top of the plastic tubing. Angle the lid so that part of it touches the section of the teapot closest to the teapot spout. Glue the lid in place where it touches the teapot with one-part epoxy adhesive. It’s important that part of the lid be raised so that you can add water to the teapot. The plastic tubing elevates the lid. Wait 24 hours for all of the glued sections to dry.

Cut a section of wet floral foam with a serrated knife to fit beneath the teapot. Insert silk greenery into the foam so that the greenery camouflages the fountain pump and the candle holder.

Fill the teapot with water, up to the base of the spout. Fill the tea cup with water. Fill the planter saucer with water, up to within 1/2 inch of the rim. Plug in the fountain pump. The pump pushes the water through the plastic tube to the inside of the teapot. The new water inside the teapot forces the existing water to flow out of the spout and into the tea cup. The tea cup overflows onto the tea cup saucer and then onto the planter saucer.


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