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DIY Portable Dance Floor

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For the serious dancer, all the world is a stage. Unfortunately not every venue (or home) is equipped with a suitable dance floor, especially for tap, flamenco and clogging. A portable dance floor can be constructed easily with a few tools and supplies readily available at the hardware store. This portable dance floor can be used for both practice and performance on any level floor or terrain.


MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a strong and resilient product that will withstand the dancer’s vigorous steps and produce a good sound. MDF does not warp and is hard enough to withstand scratches and nicks. MDF is commonly sold in 3/4-inch-inch thick pieces of 4 by 8 feet in area. MDF may be cut to your desired size at most hardware stores.


You will need to construct your dance floor raised off the floor to provide the correct sound quality. This will require lumber and drywall screws. Ken Seng of the Sugar Creek Cloggers offers detailed construction directions. A 1/4-inch round router bit should be run along the finished dance floor edges so your shoes do not catch while dancing.


MDF will absorb liquids and stain, so you may wish to coat your dance floor with sealant before use. Place a carpet remnant or non-skid rubber mat under the dance floor to protect your flooring while indoors and to protect the dance floor when used outdoors. Always place your dance floor on a level surface.

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